Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And Then We Came To The End

Last night's game was the first since July 20 where a Jay reliever had to enter before the sixth inning. That's a span of 28 games. And to think that some douches were claiming that J.P. made a mistake by cutting Rosario loose instead of sending Marcum down to start the season (I may have been one of those douches; I can't remember now). Anyway, I haven't been this optimistic about our pitching since Chris Carpenter was lighting it up six years ago. I've gone back on forth on J.P. over the years, but he has a chance this off-season to redeem himself forever.

From me to you, J.P.: we can do this. We have the pitching. Now you need to do something great before spring-training. Trade for Bill Hall, or Orlando Cabrera, or Edgar Renteria, or some other hotshot middle infielder. Do something to make me love you again.


Razzer said...

I was royally pissed that they didn't send Accardo down and keep Rosario. (oops)

Canate said...

Ditto. But in fairness to me the genius Canate wanted McGowan in the rotation from day 1. Is the dream of Casey in the rotation a fool's fancy?

What do the Jays do? I guess you hope the pitching isn't an aberration and holds up, so you let that lie. But is SS you're only place to improve? At worst you need a solid back-up 3B man, right? (Someone like a Hinske, might be perfect. Wait, what did I just type. Oh... God.)

Razzer said...

I wonder if the Jays will take a flier on Matt Clement next year. I really can't see why they would, other than the Brad Arnsberg factor, but I wouldn't be surprised if he comes in on a minor league contract.

Dr. K said...

On the "what do the Jays do" front, I guess the biggest problem is that the positions in most dire need of an upgrade are also those at which help is least likely to be found - that is, SS and C.

I would be prepared to live with Johnny Mac if the rest of the lineup hit the way I thought they would as opposed to the way they actually have, and I think it's likely the rest of the lineup will hit a fair sight better next year. But I really can't live with another season in which Gregg Zaun plays the lion's share of games behind the plate.

So I hope JP beats the bushes for a catcher this offseason - I don't see one in the free agent market (perhaps because I'm not looking at a list of likely free agents), but I'd encourage him to look to Japan or elsewhere. Maybe he can discuss with Bryan Colangelo the value of expanding search horizons.