Thursday, October 11, 2007

JP Ricciardi, you are on the clock

If the Jays do not make the playoffs next year, the should do everything in their power to sign John Schuerholz, who stepped down today as GM of the Braves. Fuck the head hunting firm, fuck Terry Ryan, fuck everyone else. This guys record is amazing. Spend whatever money it takes to hire this guy. By next off season he should be in full Pat-Gillick-ready-for-a-new-challenge mode. Entice him with competing in the east, pay him in Canadian funds (been saving that one for a while), Leo Rautins his marriage with the hottest stripper in town, whatever it takes, do it Paul Godfrey.

Of course, knowing the luck of the Jays, we'll probably make the playoffs next year and Schuerholz will sign with the Orioles.

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Dick's a Moron said...

I would take the playoffs in '08 and then worry '09 and beyond afterwards. Recognize that the upcoming strength in the Yankee rotation (a dangerous and pretty young 1-5 rotation of Johan Santana, Wang, Hughes, Chamberlain, and Kennedy is a very real possibility), the chance that the D-Rays will finally get their shit together and the likelihood that the Sox stay strong means that it's really '08 or bust. Whether the O's sign Schuerholz should be the least of Toronto's concerns!