Monday, October 29, 2007

Tigers Deal for Renteria - Why Didn't We?

I'd been avoiding today, because I didn't want to read about the Red Sox, or the Yankees' fascinating search for a new manager. But at 5 p.m., after I've already gone for my third coffee of the afternoon, what the fuck else am I going to do? So I log on, see this headline, and slam my head against the desk.

Renteria hit .332/.390/.470 last season for the Braves. Those are ludicrous numbers and he's unlikely to repeat them next year at age 33, but he's not going to put up a J-Mac .251/.279/.333 either. Renteria's expensive at $10MM (with the Braves apparently paying some of that), but all it took was a 21 year-old pitching prospect with the improbable name of Jair Jurrjens and a single-A OF to make the deal.

If J.P. had made that trade (with an equivalent pitching prospect and low-minors hitter), Canate probably would have called him an idiot, but I'd have been all set for Spring Training '08. Renteria was one of the few available solutions to our gaping lineup hole. Now that he's gone, the odds that McDonald's going to go out there another 125 times just got a little shorter. Crap.


Canate said...

If it was Ricky Romero Canate would not have complained. Canate has been complaining since we passed up Tulowiski. Canate has been complaining since we thought Russ Adams would somehow learn to throw from SS at the ML level - cause that's something he never practiced in the majors. Would a Renteria for Marcum plus a top 10 prospect trade have please people?

Canate said...

I meant "practiced in the minors."

Razzer said...

The A ball OF was the MVP of the midwest league, the same league Travis Snider played last year. So would you trade Snider and Litsch for Renteria? I sure wouldn't.

Instead I would see if I could get Furcal and the one year, 15 million left on his contract for cheap. The Dodgers have that kid (Chi-Hung something).

Anyway, it's a little depressing that the Jays have already announced a winter of inactivity, even though they got nothing done last winter it was exciting watching them fail at it.

Portnoy said...

Dude -- Hernandez hit .293/.344/.391 in the Midwest League; Snider hit .313/.377 /.525. I don't think the fact that Hernandez won the MVP means that he's as good a prospect as Snider. It probably means MVP voters in the Midwest League aren't that bright. Come on.

Canate -- did you mean a top-10 Blue Jay prospect? As long as Snider and Ahrens were off the table, I would definitely have done it. Our window is pretty much next year with this group.

Razzer -- Furcal is an interesting target. That would appease me too, but it's unlikely, to say the least.

Razzer said...
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Razzer said...

Hernandez also is GG center fielder who was 56-64 in SB. While I admit the voters were retards, I think Hernandez would be the 2nd best prospect in the Jays system behind snider (not including any of last years draftees who cannot be traded for a year) Hernandez is also closer to Snider than he is to the second best prospect in our system, who ever that might be.

I hate to be all revisionist but Trot tulowitzki was the guy. The Jays fucked up huge and it is probably the difference between this group seeing the playoffs and there being a fire sale next June.

Razzer said...

Sorry I deleted, it was a half post, I just put it together and re posted. We not about deleting at MOE

Portnoy said...

You're clearly right. The Romero pick was a terrible move, J.P.'s Iraq moment. I don't know shit about amateur ball but I recall the better-informed Jays' fans saying at the time that passing on Tulowitzki was a huge mistake.

I know there's a lot of revisionist thinking about McDonald out there, about the runs he saves on defense etc., but I just don't see an A.L. team winning with a pitcher in the 9-spot. And I'm not convinced on the defense point, either. McDonald makes some spectacular plays, but the (admittedly imperfect) defensive metrics don't suggest he's an outstanding SS.

Anonymous said...

John McDonald is the biggest problem on this team? The reason the Jays sucked last year is because half the lineup hit like, well, John McDonald, only without the stellar defense.