Friday, September 7, 2007

Glaus took steroids, Griffin still a douche.

I really want to tell Gearge Mitchell to go fuck himself, but we have a policy here of laying off people with potential terminal illness. Instead, I'm going to tell George Mitchell to go fuck Dick Griffin. I really don't give a shit about steroids in baseball. I never have. Just like I never cared about steroids in Football, Hockey or Basketball. Steroids in baseball is the most ridiculously overblown story of the past years. Yes, everyone knows Clemens juiced, Bonds juiced, Papi juiced, Brett Boone juiced, fuck, Shawn Green probably juiced. Even Frank Catalanotto juiced. But really, does anyone know someone who stopped watching baseball (Besides Hank Aaron) because a player or players took PED's? Me neither. Just like the Olympics, the only thing that matters is your guy winning. So I say a big "whatever" to all these new stories of players taking PED's. If the players want to win and improve so badly that they are willing to risk there health then so be it. I'm going to watch and cheer regardless. That is why I don't give a shit about the recent story about Troy Glaus taking roids in 03. I know Dick will have a field day with this and other members of the media will jump on their high horse and preach about fair play, role models, etc. This is exactly the type of story that can be spun by our local media who, once and for all, might be able to apply that external pressure they have been so desperately trying to for years and finally influence a baseball decision. I really, really hope that our Used Car Salesman GM can withstand the backlash, sell us on his own feel good story, and not feel pressed to trade Troy. Because an '08 Jays team with out Glaus is a worse team.


Dick's a Moron said...

Ha ha!

Not only will that article appear - it will almost assuredly blame J.P. for signing a guy who the Dick knew all along was on the juice. Dave Dombrowski would never have signed a pusher like that.

That's some hard hitting analysis!

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, 1st time poster. Have to disagree wth ya Razzer on the whole nobody gives a shit about steriods. Kids do look up to these guys and professional sports have a responsibilty to clean up their games so kids aren't pressured into using drugs to fulfill their dreams. Sports will be just as fun to watch without the drugs, well maybe not the NFL...

Razzer said...

I agree sports would be just as fun to watch without PED's and I actually would like to see a steroid free sporting world.
As for the kids, well I am not sure if a kid would say Bonds is on steroids so I should be. Or Jeter and Arod don't take them so I won't. I think you are not give kids enough credit to assume that since a professional athlete takes steroids they will feel they have to as well.

Really, for me anyway, the problem with steroids is not the "performance enhancing" part but rather the long term health risks. Players and teams try to gain an edge by stealing signs, corking a bat and doctoring baseballs. These also send the message that cheating is okay but of course it doesn't get any play.

I think the media, instead of questioning whether or not Barry Bonds is the true Home Run king, should focus on the massive number of steroid related deaths in sports such as football and wrestling (I know it's not a sport). If the focus was on "this stuff can kill you" and not "cheating is bad" the message would come across a lot stronger. Because I still believe that nobody cares how your team is winning as long as they are. If they are cheating to gain an edge, well, we can look the other way. If they are killing themselves to gain an edge, well, now I suddenly feel guilty.

My last point, in the last two case to come out, both Glaus and Ankiel were injured during their alleged period of use. Certain steroids and HGH can be prescribed by doctors to heal injury or regenerate a wounded area. Doesn't a line have to be drawn to what is performance enhancing and what is procedural?