Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hey Gibby, Why don't we pitch Halladay 11 innings. He looks good through 7.

Boomhauer, you F-ing idiot. I used to like you. I used to think behind your hee-haw mumbling you had an understanding of baseball beyond the machismo. Yes, Halladay happens to be a workhorse, but are we helping anyone by trying to get complete games out of him? Next year when Halladay misses 3-10 starts due to an irritated something or other, let's remember the 10 starts this year where Gibby needlessly tacked on 10 or more pitches.

Pitching Leroy late into games, especially with a September call up bullpen, is just stupid, stupid, stupid. And it's not like Gibby's strategy of over pitching Doc is helping our cause to [insert clubhouse reasoning why these games matter at all this year.] Halladay pitched 8 innings or more in 7 of the last 8 games. In 5 of those 7 games Halladay's given up a run or two in his last inning worked. This is not a slam against Halladay, but anecdotal evidence that there is no worthwhile advantage to Gibby's quest to pitch Doc every inning of every game. Just cause he's a work horse doesn't mean that we have to beat him to death.


Dr. K said...

Given the look on Doc's face whenever he gets pulled from a game, I think Gibby may fear for his own life when he approaches the mound. Self-preservation might not be the best basis on which to make pitching decisions, but it's tough to blame him - Doc could kill Gibby from 200 yards, with mind bullets.

mike said...

There's no question that Gibbons needs to go. His bullpen management is horrendous.