Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Free Adam Lind (Again)

What the fuck is J.P. doing? Adam Lind was up here for less than a week before the team sent him back down. 20 PAs, half of them against lefties, tells us nothing about his ability to hit major-league pitching. He hasn't anything left to prove at AAA, and without him we have no viable everyday LF on the roster. The only conceivable excuse is that we needed another infielder with McDonald and Eckstein unavailable, and that Lind will come right back up once one of those guys is DL'd, or Velandia gets sent out again.

Even then, this move makes no sense. In the best case, McDonald's going to be out a few days. The difference between McDonald and Velandia is probably very little: the former is probably a little better in the field, the latter a bit better at the dish. So why not just DL McDonald immediately, bring up Velandia, and keep a real bat on the roster?

Maybe J.P.'s been blinded by Stewart's recent surge past the .650 OPS mark. So far this year, he's demonstrated that he simply does not understand the concept of the small sample-size.

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Dr. K said...

In principle I agree with you, and I think the move is a stupid one.

I will say one thing in JP's defence. Lind looked off-the-charts terrible, in a way that simply reading the boxscores would never show. He was pulling off something awful - in 20 PAs, I dare say he pulled an outside pitch to the second baseman a minimum of 21 times.

If he goes down for a week and re-learns those things he surely knows, like how to drive the outside pitch the opposite way, it will have been well worth the price of a round-trip ticket to Syracuse.