Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our pitching... now so absurdly good that I would view failure to make the playoffs as a monumental failing and an epic disappointment.

Canate, set me straight. Surely I'm missing something. From where I sit, we could have Johnny Mac batting 1 through 9 and we'd be a .500 team by virtue of eighty-one 1-0 wins. With an average lineup (which I've resigned myself to accepting is what we have), we should win 95 games going away.

Is it the Ravenswood talking, or do I have a point?


Razzer said...

Pitching has been so good that the Jays are within one game of .500. As Blair points out in his article, last nights win snapped a 20 game streak of scoring 5 or fewer runs. The last team to do that were the historically bad 100+ loss Detroit Tigers. 35 games into the year and a 20 game streak of scoring 5 or fewer is pretty fucking shit but the fact we sit one game below .500 is truly unbelievable.

Portnoy said...

Our offense is just crap, but we've actually played much better than our record. We've been very unlucky (and perhaps have suffered some bad managing too). BP's third-order wins (whatever those are) has us at 20-15, third best in the A.L., behind Boston and Oakland.

Let's beat the Rays tonight and keep the momentum going!

Portnoy said...

Speaking of offense, have you guys noticed that Troy Glaus has 1 HR in 140 PAs for SL? Who misses that fat bastard now?