Thursday, May 15, 2008

Of Gameday and Pop-Up Singles

Trying to keep track of games at work is murder. Besides the numerous distractions (work being approximately #18 on that list), I'm forced to follow the game via the tortured play-by-play descriptions on's gameday.

Try this one out for size and tell me if you have an effin' clue what exactly happened:


(Runner on first is Jason Kubel)

Justin Morneau singles on a pop up to shortstop Marco Scutaro. Jason Kubel out at home, shortstop Marco Scutaro to catcher Rod Barajas.


I've been watching the baseball for a couple of decades now and this sounds like no play I've ever witnessed.

(On the plus side, the parade of outs and runners LOB is somehow a bit less painful when I can't actually see what's happening. So I've got that going for me.)


Portnoy said...

I hate GameDay. Apparently, this was what happened:

Minnesota's Justin Morneau reached base three times and drove in a run on his 27th birthday, but the Twins twice ended innings with runners thrown out at home on his hits. They left 11 on base, five in scoring position.

Jason Kubel tried to score from first and ignored third-base coach Scott Ullger's stop sign in the seventh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kris,

I know you can't say the Jays are better off with V-Double-U out of
their lineup but it is hard to make the case these days that they are better with him in it...

Anonymous said...

who's Kris?

fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

Gameday is terrible. Any of those "live" feeds are crap. You need to find a way to grab MLB.TV or a small TV. I'm not a huge fan of MLB.TV but I have a friend who loves it.

Dr. K said...

The problem with is that it blacks out the local game. This has always struck me as absurd - do they really think that if I had the option to be in front of the TV I wouldn't? Isn't it obvious that the only reason I'm watching on a damn laptop at my desk is because I have no choice in the matter?

Small TV though - now we're talkin'.