Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Snider's on His Way

The Jays promoted the 20 year-old from Florida to the Eastern League in April, after he opened the season hitting .279/.333/.557 in Dunedin. Snider struggled at first in AA, batting .125/.282/.125 over 40 PAs in April. Noted Jay-hater Keith Law said that this was another instance of Blue Jay management not knowing its ass from its elbow (I paraphrase), and that the kid had been promoted much too quickly, and for no reason.

Well, it turned out that Snider has been battling some minor injuries (that's why he's been kept out of the field). But he's also managed to hit .343 over his last 10 games, has batted .293/.385/.609 in May, and is up to .250/.358/.484 overall in AA after that horrendous start. He's also the youngest guy on the roster by two years, and (without checking) must be one of the youngest players in the entire Eastern League. I am a believer.

Some of the faithful at Battersbox have been discussing when Snider will arrive in the majors. If he keeps this up, we'll see him in September, and he could be up to stay by next summer. Given that we've been playing has-beens and utility infielders in the OF corners, I'm pretty excited about the upgrade.

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