Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Free Talent

The Indians are cutting their right-handed LF Jason Michaels today. Michaels is 32, and off to a terrible start. But over the past three years he's hit .299/.380/.437 against LH pitching. He's also supposed to have a solid glove in the corner. If we had Michaels, we'd have a real platoon option for Lind in LF (Stewart isn't good against LH pitching) and for Stairs at DH.

Or if not Michaels, some other free talent. Just sign someone, JP. These guys are out there. We don't even have to cut Stewart: with our deep starting rotation, we can send down one of the pen guys. But we need to close up this hole on offense.


Dr. K said...

So you were just cruising ohio.com and came across this? Good find - I like the suggestion; those are good righty platoon numbers. Although if we were to sign a RH left-fielder, Stewart would be utterly superfluous given his appalling throwing arm. I'd release him and keep an extra arm around for the sake of it.

There's also another guy available who can hit a bit. Barry something. But I hear he's a dick.

Portnoy said...

You mean ohio.com isn't one of your daily stops? It's a goldmine, dude!

Canate said...

This probably should be a post but all our pitcher wins except one are from our starters. I guess were not coming back in late late innings (since our starters all seem to go at least 7IP). Our worst starter by half a run is Burnett at 4.8. Will he still opt out? Probably.

We need Barry! Or consider trading for a big bat at 1B, LF/DH, or SS. Two of the 3 positions should be real real easy to find. Why is a trade not an option if we're going for it, let's go for it.

Razzer said...

I really like the idea of Michaels. One option is the 6 man pen but I don't think we have any options on our current relievers.

G said...

not michaels. How about Juan Rivera? He's underused and should come cheap.