Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Adam Lind Watch

Lind is now at .391/.442/.696 (1.138 OPS) over 51 PAs in Syracuse. It won't be long now.....


Canate said...

If we are going for it this year then I think we have to call up Lind. It's not that I think Stewart is going to hit for a .600 OPS, but I don't expect him to hit over his three year average of.710. And I think Lind is a little better defensively. Is that crazy?

Assuming no injuries, what roster move do you make to call up Lind? Trade Stewart? And then have Stairs Overbay, and Thomas split time? Conundrum.

Dr. K said...

Lind still looks to have a massive lefty-righty split at AAA. I'm not sure we can call him up and make him the everyday guy yet.

If he came up and faced righties only, he would be taking ABs from Stairs rather than Stewart, and I see Stew as the bigger problem out there. (As an aside, I have serious questions as to whether Stewart is bringing anything at all of value to this team)

Furthermore, I don't want Lind to come up and have his development versus lefties stunted by finding himself in a platoon situation. I think it might be better to lump it for a while and leave him down there to get his hacks against lefties, then bring him up in a couple of months' time.

But I could be convinced otherwise - I've always believed a successful season and successful future would have to include Lind, and it's good to see that it's now probably a matter of when, not if.