Saturday, April 26, 2008

Strike too

Lucky Portnoy, he picked a fine time to go on strike. I think I'm going to join him. On one hand I feel a little guilty going all TTC on the Jays but on the other hand, I have to look out for my well-being. Another loss like last nights might have me, like Canate, switching allegiances all together (Actually I would never pull a shameful stunt like that…or would I?)
Still, I have to protest. I can’t let the Jays get away with this shit. I have to do something. We have lost four games to Tampa and KC. These are four important games. If we miss the playoffs we can look back at these four games as the reason why. I know you can pinpoint any four games of the season in any given year but these four games are different. They are different because by not calling up Adam Lind the Jays are not doing everything they can to win.
Before you ask if Adam Lind could really have made a difference I want to ask you if you think Bill James knows baseball? If the answer is yes, keep reading. If the answer is no, let me direct you here .
Back to Bill James, he thinks Adam Lind will be our best hitter this year. While the Jays were in the process of sinking 7 million dollars into Frank Thomas not being here (who is off to a fine start with the A’s), the Jays are trying to save a potential million or two in the future by not calling up Lind immediately. Just one more thing that is inexcusable concerning the Jays.
So remember that number, four games. That is the number I will adjust this seasons win total with. And if Jays wins + 4 > wild card team win total, I will move to NY and call myself a Yankees fan. So like Portnoy I am on strike too. Until Adam Lind is in the line-up I will not watch another minute of Blue Jay baseball. What the Jays are doing, not so much on the field but in upper management, is fraken unacceptable. So say we all.


Dr. K said...

This could be a bit of a problem. If you, Portnoy and I all stop watching the Jays, the only posts we'll ever have on the site are Canate's justifications of how he did, in fact, in hindsight, make the right pick in round 31 of his 2003 fantasy draft. That could lead our readership to plummet from four to one.

Dr. K said...

I wish you hadn't linked to the Wilner column. I see now that he made the very same points I did (although earlier and better, obviously). Can I have the last half hour of my life back?

Hawk said...

Yes, James projected Lind to have the highest batting avg but who did he project for our best OPS? None other than the recently released Frank Thomas (I still love you Big Hurt).

BTW, Bill James also projected the Jays at 97 wins.

(please pick yourself off the ground after you stop laughing at 97 wins)