Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm on Strike

Fuck this. Getting swept by Tampa while we threw a bunch of utility infielders and aging and/or backup catchers out there was excruciating. There was literally not one game in that series where I thought we had a chance to win, once Gibbons posted his lineups. Adam Lind continues his torrid hitting in the minors, and J.P. makes vague noises about something being done soon. What the fuck is he waiting for? What a joke. I'm now unequivocally on the Razzer/Canate "Fire Fuckface J.P." bandwagon. And I'm instituting my own "Fire Fuckhead Gibbons" bandwagon.

Until one of the following three things happens, I'm on strike (meaning no Jays games and no MOE posts): 1) Gibbons is fired; 2) J.P. is fired; 3) Lind is in the starting lineup, and any two of Stewart, Scutaro and Inglett are off the roster, and we sign a right-handed hitter who can plausibly DH or play a corner OF (or Barry Bonds).

Summer's around the corner, I've got a stack of books I want to read, the roof's cleaned up and we've refilled the cannister for the bbq, my wife's in a down period at work, and there's a shitload of great concerts coming up. I've got better shit to do than think about this useless fucking organization.

p.s. I reserve the right to change my mind for any reason.


Razzer said...

The only thing that stopped me from the same reaction was the Raps and Canadiens winning last night. Although the fact that it was one sport that snuffed potential depression caused by another sport is alarmingly pitiful. So much so that I have one hand hold up a picket sign, on strike with you, while the other is programing my PVR to record jays games in case I change my mind. (And I'm using my Carey Price induced boner to type this message)

Canate said...

Shame on you for expecting more from this team, Portnoy. Shame on you. If you can't enjoy complaining about a poorly run organization you have no place here.

Canate said...

I heard we're not calling up Lind because we're trying to limit his service time. If this is true I will also join the Jays strike (though not MOEs) and start following Oakland a lot closer. They're faster, smarter, and a better organization... and they're closer.

If we want to dick Lind around send him back to AAA in July when we'll be more obviously out of it. For the moment at least let Dr. K have some hope.