Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rolling Rolling Rolen ...

So good news, right? Scott Rolen is ahead of schedule in his rehab!!! "I've started hitting. I've been throwing. Baseball preparation-wise, I'm ahead of schedule," Rolen said. Of course he followed that quote with this caveat. "The time frame (for return) doesn't change because of the healing process. That nobody can speed up." What? Wait, wait, wait. So what exactly is he ahead of schedule of? This sounds suspiciously like a non-story? Which translates nicely into a non-blog post. Thank goodness we have Inglett manning the hot corner.

In other news, old friend Orlando Hudson is looking for 15 milion next year! Which I think is ridiculous. O-dog's great defensively, but not a 15 milion dollar player, right? And then I checked out his numbers. Compare his last three years to this all-star who received a seven year 126 million dollar contract. (C'mon, you know I ain't talking about a contract without talking about the contract. Just like I shall only refer to the shortstop position as the place where Troy Tulowitzki plays --- I've typed that name so many times I can actually spell it from memory. And I still mess up "your" and "you're.") Maybe they're not identical, but I'd be convinced that a 2nd basemen of superhuman D-skills like O-Dog trumps a CF of Vernon's possible B+ defense. Now I'd rather have Vernon this year straight up, but a 3 year 45 million dollar for O-Dog deal, while not wise certainly doesn't look preposterous, does it? Especially in light of Delgado's, Oops I mean Vernon's, albatross contract (Sorry I got confused with what the Pimp thought of Delgado's contract when he took over, with what the next GM thinks of Vernon's.)


Dr. K said...

Man, O-Dog's offence has improved significantly since he left us. I also thought the $15m figure was a bit insane when I first heard it, but now I'm not so sure - the one issue which would cause me some concern is the fact that he'll be 31 in the first year of the proposed contract, so you can expect some decline, both on O and on D.

On balance, if I were an Arizona fan, I think I'd vote for them to do the deal. Since Canate is an accountant, not a baseball fan, I can see why he might ultimately vote against it.

Portnoy said...


I think I read somewhere that second basemen crater more than other positions (offensively and defensively) in their 30s. So maybe there's greater risk in signing the O-Dog. Also check out his home/away splits for his two years in AZ ('07 .893 OPS vs. .739; '06 .886 vs. .734) -- he's obviously helped a great deal by his ballpark. Factor in that he was not a great offensive player for most of his career, and I'd be wary of signing him (I know Vernon has his own problems on the road).

I still love the guy, though. If we didn't have Hill (who might, shockingly, have surpassed Hudson with the glove) I'd be mourning him to this day.