Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Are You There, God? It's Me, Dr. K

Listen, God. What the hell, dude? I don't know what you think we did to deserve this, but I'm crying uncle here. Are you pissed that I read The God Delusion and found it utterly convincing? Are you worried that the consistent success of all our major sports franchises will spoil us, so you feel the need to cut us down a notch or two? Whatever it is, we've clearly become the Job of large urban municipalities, and it sucks. You damn you, man, give it a rest.

Last night hurt more than almost any game in recent memory. And then tonight, as if to mock our pain, we were sucker-punched with a carbon copy of last night's game, only with a final cruel twist of the knife at the death. Utterly brutal. Dustin out-doctored the Doctor, and it wasn't enough. VW was given an opportunity to atone for last night's bobble, he took his chance at redemption with aplomb, and it wasn't enough. Rolen came through with another big double and a defensive play that gave us a glimpse into his renowned defensive bag of tricks, and it wasn't enough. Eckstein lined a ball off a little Bostonian's face, and even that wasn't enough.

This is exhausting, draining, and must be unhealthy.

In the interest of self-preservation, I'll end with one big positive thought, which a small part of me actually believes:


I mean it. The great pitching is here to stay, the terrible offence is not. Last week we put out a lineup featuring Rod Barajas in the 6 spot. Tonight we had Adam Lind batting eighth. The improvement, at least on paper, is dramatic. We also hit a number of balls hard tonight, but apparently every Red Sock is an illegitimate son of Brooks Robinson. One of these days, hopefully before September 30, the hits will start falling in and we'll be fine. The Yankees, Tigers, and Indians are all off to mediocre starts, so we're not far behind the teams I consider our main competition for the wild card.

All in all, the state of the franchise on April 30, 2008 is troubled. But it's not hopeless, even if that bastard God clearly has it in for us. Let's not wave the white flag just yet.


Canate said...

If there is a God he will have to beg for my forgiveness.

Razzer said...

You make a good plea. Man, it's just really tough to lose two games against the team you are chasing like that. And with the Yankees full of problems and injuries, it makes it all the more tough.

Canate said...

2-9 in one run games. Not so strangely Razzer and I decided in March that the Jays record in one run games was one of the keys to this season. We were right! God help us, we were right.